ProCoin The Currency of The Future
In 2016, I was blessed to be introduced to digital currency, which most of us had never heard of.  

NOW, it’s everywhere!  Bitcoin, the first Crypto Currency, is already worth $2,600 per coin so the huge
opportunity is over with them.

If you had purchased $100 of Bitcoin in 2010, you would have $2,600,000.00 today.  Let that sink in.

This is ONLY a snippet for You to ask for more info if you are Intrigued on how to receive an actively
traded USABLE e-coin, trading 20¢-30¢ today, at a guaranteed 7¢ per coin, for a limited time.
(the dead line for the 7¢ guarantee is June 30th. Timing is critical, wouldn't you agree?)

This morning the ProCoin market price was 20¢.  Starting July 1st your price per coin will be market price!

See for yourself:

I purchased $5500 in early June and at today's market price is about $20,000.   

If the coin grows to just $1 it will be worth over $86,000.

this coin is publicly traded on the open market NOW!
2. it's easily converted to BitCoin or cash
3. it's available in 60 country's as of right now
4. it's the ONLY crypto currency offering coin back rewards for
   consumers and merchants just for using it.

ProNetwork is a PLATFORM, with Coin-back Rewards. 100%-110%,
starting for as little as $100.

No other publicly traded crypto currency is offering cash back rewards in the form of coins to both
merchants & consumers!  ProCoin is the 1st to do this.

                              Are you starting to see the huge potential here?  
Don't miss out. The dead line for the 7¢ per coin guarantee ends Jun 30th.

There is SO much more to this, including a free shopping app USABLE at over 4500 major merchants,
with more coin-back rewards, ultimately adding other e-Currencies like BitCoin, etc.

Four Major Multi-Billion $ Trends meshed into ONE Company:

a.   Online shopping has exceeded retail.  
b.   Retail stores are closing daily.  
c.   Alibaba is bigger than Walmart and owns no stores.
d. has increased by almost 2000% since 2006.

Incentive Based Buying.
a.   Discounts/Coupons
b.   Cashback/Rebates/e-Bates/Rewards
c.   BOGO
d.   Groupon

Direct Sharing.
a.   Uber $80 Billion. Largest taxi co; owns no vehicles.
b.   AirBnB $280 Billion. Largest accommodation co; owns no real estate.
c.   Internet based platform.
d.   No middleman.  No banks.  No Governments.  Tiny fees.

Digital Currency.
a.   e-Currency
b.   CryptoCurrency
c.   The Future of Payments
d.   Examples:  BitCoin; Ethereum; ProCurrency; over 700+ digital currencies.  ProCurrency is expected to
be the 3rd e-currency to be able to be traded for US Dollars in Dec ’17, behind those other 2.  That’s
HUGE, Folks!

IF You ONLY WANT COINS for 7¢, and never expect to share it, NO OBLIGATION!  

IF You are a NETWORKER, this is a VERY serious High-Level, 100% Compliant Business Model; optional
affiliate package for $50.  Official Launch 7-7-17 in S. CA.
IF You want details about PROCoin's applications that will bring mass awareness, engagement, and
distribution for cryptocurrencies. There are 2 phases of development that have distinct purposes for both
consumers and businesses. click here    

IF You are curious, REPLY & send me your questions, and I will help You, regardless whether you choose
to join me or not.  IF You want to watch a 10 min Corporate video &/or IF You want to jump in and learn
with me, here’s my link,
click here and follow step #1

Hands down, this is the most exciting thing I've seen since the 90s.
It’s been too long waiting for an opportunity like this!
                                               I truly want to hear from You.
                                                         Ralph Reardon
                                                     Director of Research
Introduction & Personal offer to you for a huge crypto currency opportunity - available in 60 countries
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