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Here are the steps to get your ProCurrency
Coin Package through the iProNetwork.

After you follow step #1 listed above you will receive a referral link


Share that link with others to set up their account and then refer them
to the steps listed below.  Yes there are nice incentives for referring others.

All packages come with E-Commerce training materials and a 100% Coin Back rebate

Current Packages with built in Account Activation Fee: activation fee is $50
Here are the steps  (1. decide which package you want)

Basic:                       $150, gives you:    100% rebate on    $100 = approx    5,880 Coins    1.7¢ each
Intermediate:            $550, gives you:    100% rebate on    $500 = approx   29,400 Coins   1.7¢ each
Accelerated:          $2,050, gives you:    100% rebate on  $2,000 = approx 117,640 Coins  1.7¢ each
Advanced:             $3,050, gives you:    100% rebate on $3,000 = approx  176,470 Coins  1.7¢ each
Professional:         $6,050, gives you:    100% rebate on $6,000 = approx  352,940 Coins  1.7¢ each

(2. NEXT)
Make the Cashier’s Check Payable to:
IPRO Solutions  
(amount of check must be in US dollars)

(3. NEXT)
In the Memo Section of the Cashier’s check write:

iPN Member ID#, Username, and the Package you want
on your Cashier’s Check memo section.

Sample: IPN #: 3178, Reep65, Professional Package + Activation.
(your ipn# and Username are located on the home page of your iProNetWork account, see step #1 at top)

(4. NEXT)
Take a photo of the Cashier’s Check, after you have
completed the memo section and email the check image to:

Mail your check to:
iPRO Solutions P.O. Box 54210
IRVINE, CA 92619-4210

Make sure you have a tracking number for the letter.
Because it is a PO Box, there is no one to sign for a
return-receipt request.

When Will I receive my ProCurrency Coins?
Once your payment is received by iProNetwork your ProCurrency Coins will be
deposited into your iProNetwork account. 30 days after that, 5% of your total coins per
week will be transferred from your PENDING column to the AVAILABLE column. Then
you can go to public exchanges, like: LINKS TO EXCHANGES FOR PROCurrency
selling:   We like Cryptopia the best and we recommend that you
set up your free account  soon.  Here's a link to set up your free account now:

C-CEX exchange

On these exchanges you can sell ProCurrency Coins into Bitcoins or USD to your bank

Where do I get my digital wallet for ProCurrency?
click here and download your PRO WALLET.


ISP TRADING PRODUCTS:- You must have already purchased or upgraded to
the $6,000 Professional Elite Amazon Training Package in order to purchase any
of these Trading Products
Trading Set Up Course - $500
Trading 101 Course - $1,500
Breakout Trading Course - $3,500
Crossover Trading Strategy Course - $3,500
TMAR Trading Strategy Course - $3,500
B&B Trading Strategy Course - $3,500
2 Day Intensive Workshop QTLY - $10,000 (Only available to those who have
purchased the Set Up course AND the Trading 101 course)

ALL OF THESE PACKAGES:                     $26,000
+ $6,000
                           $32,000 = approx  800,000  ProCurrency Coins

Coin Back Rewards: You earn Coin Back Rewards when you
purchase one of our featured products from above. Depending on the item
purchased you will receive a nice Coin Back Reward. These rewards
are issued in PENDING status and will be time stamped with
your date of purchase. After 30 days these type
of rewards become AVAILABLE in 5% weekly increments. Once
the Coin Back Rewards are AVAILABLE, they become
redeemable. You may redeem AVAILABLE Coin Back Rewards
at any time. *Coming Soon - you will be able to use your
PENDING rewards as shopping credits if you prefer not to wait
until they become available.

You may pay by sending a Bitcoin transfer to Bitcoin wallet
Once the transfer is made please send the TxID/HASH to along with your invoice number and transfer date.

After sending your Bitcoin payment visit and submit your Bitcoin proof of
See the ProCurrency 'Coin Back' packages below and instructions for placing your order.
Note: you can send your payment using BitCoin - see instructions at the bottom of this page.
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Read steps #1 & #2 before clicking.
#1 - Set up your FREE ProCurrency Coin account. (available in 137 countries)  
To access the iProNetwork and create your FREE iProNetwork account,
click here and then in the top right hand corner of that page click on                 
Go through the steps to create account (5minutes)  This is where your ProCurrency Coins will be

#2 - After you complete the simple and quick account set up you will then be ready to select your
coin package and send in your order.  Return to this page and follow instructions listed below.
ProCurrency  The Currency of The Future
Take action today.
Package specials
give you a huge advantage.
Don't Delay!
The coin back guarantee of
1.7¢ cents
is good thru
Apr 4th  at midnight.

Coin price is subject to change week to
week with market fluctuations.