iProNetwork, a genuine money making opportunity.  I will try to explain iPro Network in terms of its business structure.

Who Is iProNetwork
iProNetwork’s corporate headquarters are in Belize and the US head office is located in Los Angeles California. Armando
Contreras is the CEO of iProNetwork and is a visionary and long time entrepreneur heading international companies in several
industries including insurance, IT, travel, conferences, and direct sales.

What Is iProNetwork
iProNetwork is a blend of cryptocurrency investing, e-commerce, direct sales, internet market place, and a very aggressive
rebate program. They have created a multifaceted platform with the goal of bringing new ecoins into the market while allowing
investors, marketers, consumers, and retailers to profit from this introduction.

Currently iProNetwork is working to bring the PRO coin to market.  PRO coin went through ICO (Initial Coin Offering) from
January 18 through February 27 2017 where it doubled in value from $.02 to $.04.  PRO coin is set to become only the third
ecoin that will be able to convert directly cash. As this cryptocurrency expanding valuation levels off, iProNetwork will assist
other ecoins to become market ready and create user demand for the new coins. In doing this, iProNetwork will supply its
members with a continuous stream of new cryptocurrencies to profit from as they rise in market acceptance and demand.

The first facet of the iProNetwork platform is the Pro Rewards rebate app. With this amazing app, users receive up to 100%
rebate for purchases at over 4500 retailers in the form of cryptocurrencies. These ecoins can then be used to buy discounted
items from the merchants to multiply the benefits of the ecoin rebates. This is just the first of four apps with the remaining
three scheduled for release in the near future, all of which will be offering consumers and businesses alike great benefits for
using the cryptocurrency.

Once iProNetwork members have acquired ecoins, they become cryptocurrency speculators and can choose to hold onto the
ecoins and wait for them to appreciate in value if they want.

Another aspect of iProNetwork, is online marketing and web site development. To this end they have produce a platform
called “The IPN Economy” which includes training packages, tools, and resources to help new and experienced entrepreneurs
to become profitable by marketing and selling goods and services online. By purchasing these products and taking advantage
of this opportunity, members will be able to plug into the IPN Economy to assist with traffic generation and drive sales on their

The final facet of iProNetwork is the direct sales end of the business. By taking part in this aspect iProNetwork, members can
create a ongoing income stream from a growing team of members in their affiliate program as those members are active in
any of the multiple facets of the company.

Joining iProNetwork
So, what does it take to join with iProNetwork. If you choose to only participate in the rebate program, all you have to do is
download and set up the free app and start shopping at your favorite stores. If you plan to make money in any of the other
facets from the efforts yourself and of others in your affiliate program, you will need to purchase one of the education and
tool packages. Each of these come with various levels of training, tools, and number of pay centers in your tree. Amazingly all
of the packages come with a quantity of ecoins that make them effectively free, or in the case of all but the lowest priced
package, bonus ecoins.

                            Price        Ecoin Bonus        Pay Centers        Weekly Cap
Basic                               $100                  100%                       1                            $500
Intermediate                $500                  102%                       1                         $2,500
Accelerated               $1,500                  104%                       3                         $7,500
Advanced                   $2,500                  107%                       3                       $12,500
Professional              $5,500                   110%                       7                       $35,000

Note: Upgrading packages only cost the difference in package price but the ecoin bonus amount stays the same as original
package. Weekly caps are per pay center. So, on the professional package the weekly cap would be 7 x 35,000 for a total
weekly cap of $245,000 on this one part of the compensation plan.

Compensation Plan
The first part of the compensation plan we should look at is the rebates offered through the PRO Rebates App. This is a free
app and can be used by anyone to get up to 100% rebates in PRO coins on things they buy. That is a pretty good return on
investment – PRO coins for nothing. Now if you choose to become an active member, even at the lowest “Basic” level, you will
earn 10% on all purchase rebate volume below you and this can be huge.

The direct sales bonus is the next part of the compensation plan. This is 10% of the price of any products (the training and tool
packages listed above) a member sells, so it would be $10 for a Basic, $50 for an Intermediate, $150 for an Accelerated, $250
for an Advanced, and $550 for a Professional package.

Next is the Binary Bonus, which is 10% of total weak side sales volume. This is based on the binary tree structure of members
beneath you for unlimited depth. So if you have $5500 total volume on the left side and $8500 on the right side, you will earn
$550. However, this volume can be counted at multiple pay centers and thereby you can get paid multiple times for the same
volume. For instance, the Professional package has seven pay centers and you can earn money from every one of them. Unlike
some companies, iProNetwork does not flush the strong side volume when you get paid on the weaker side, which means you
already have payable volume on the strong side waiting for the next pay period.

Then there is the Matching Bonus. This section of the pay plan runs for four active levels and gives a percentage of the entire
levels volume. It also allows you to skip over levels that are not producing over $1000 during that pay period, and the level
skipped can change every pay period as volume fluctuates.

    Matching Bonus Level Volume Payout.

     Level                Volume                Payout                Payout
     1                                $700                Skipped                          $0   

     2                                $950                Skipped                          $0     

     3                                $7,500                10%                         $750  

     4                                $800                Skipped                          $0   

     5                                $15,000                10%                   $1,500  

     6                                $950                Skipped                          $0

     7                                $9,750                20%                      $1950

 8                                $28,000                20%                   $5,600
                                                                 Total                   $9,800

In this example you would get paid as far down as your eighth level and make a total matching bonus of $9,800 for that pay

The final pay type is called Leadership Rank Bonus and is a little more complicated in its calculation, so I won’t go over all of
the details. But in summary, it is based on total volume of your entire network and ranges from a $50 bonus to 3% of the total

Since PRO coin is being set up as only the third out of over 700 cryptocurrencies in existence  to be able to convert directly to
cash, it will have demand as a conversion medium to and from other coins. Also with the PRO coin being used within the PRO
Rebates app, which has over 4500 retailers participating in the program, this coin has nowhere to go but up.  The ease of
acquiring “free” ecoins for potential investors will insure that the app gets used massively.  Add in the built in fan base, where
everyone in iProNetwork has a vested interest in the PRO coins success and will be doing everything in their power to create
demand for the coin, you have a winning combination with iProNetwork .

Now, when the next up and coming coin gets added to the iProNetwork, it will immediately have this same built in demand and
be pushed up in value. Given this iProNetwork will at least be a good place to hangout and ride the upward waves of newly
introduced ecoins as they gain immediate acceptance amongst all the rapidly growing numbers of iProNetwork members.  So
as an investment platform I believe iProNetwork is excellent.

Through the products being sold, iProNetwork creates two additional benefits. One is a way for members to earn income
through e-commerce with a built in audience of members wanting to use their ecoins. It also creates more purchasing options
for members not interested in creating their own websites but just looking to spend their ecoins.

The compensation plan, while based on fairly common binary tree idea, but does add features which make it an exceptional
arrangement. The option to have up to seven pay centers along with the skipping of low producing levels on the matching
bonus section makes this a high paying plan.

iProNetwork has created a well rounded platform that provides income opportunities for investors, direct sales, e-commerce,
retailers, and those just looking to save money. With all these positive aspects iProNetwork should prove to be a fast growing
platform. The recent association with a large pre-existing team in the United States make this an excellent time to join

Watch the official iProNetwork video here.
What is iProNetwork and what are the benefits?
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